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The Alternative hen night is the way forward now, surely? Wear a veil and L plate by all means, but maybe on a zip wire, rather than in the back of the pub. Did you know that the younger generations are bewildered by our binge drinking tendencies. (I found this out the hard way – by bewildering some clean-living youths!) I’m not saying don’t get plastered in a pub, I’m just saying earn that pint!!  Here are some top tips for a great alternative hen night:

alternative hen night

Alternative Hen Night Ideas

  • Zip wire: Grab your best gals, helmet them up and head for your nearest large forest. Most of them offer zip wire experiences these days and most of them are geared towards hen parties (see…I’m not mad!)
  • Crafting session: You may well be thining “You’re kidding! It’s my hen night!!” (and I’ll confess this was my first thought) BUT tis all the rage!! Gather your pals and create something between you to remember the day (even if it does slowly trail off into ruin once the moijtos kick in)
  • Orienteering: Book yourself into remote dale or moor accommodation and spend the day in sensible shoes trying to work out the best way to climb the mountain. You’ll have some lovely pics and find out which of your friends you can rely on in a hostile environment!!
  • Treasure hunt. My sister in law arranged a treasure hunt for a hen party she organised. She visited the town they were staying beforehand and put clues in all the pubs. The whole town was in on it! A great time was had by all
  • A trip to the zoo: It doesn’t all have to be hard work. You could just have a good fun day amongst the lion cubs

Let me know if you’ve enjoyed these suggestions. Each of these is a real alternative hen night that has been brought to my attention! For further reading I have a comprehensive how to organise a hen night post here. Or if you’re leaving the hen night to your best women, here’s some lovely wedding inspiration for you instead. xx