How to Make A Toast

wedding toast

One of the most important parts of the wedding is the toasts that is given to the bride and groom. There are generally toasts that are reserved for a few people such as the best man, maid of honor, or the father of the bride. But, just because there are the toasts that are reserved for these people it does not mean that they are the only toasts that can be given.

Anyone can make a toast and raise a glass to the special couple. When making a toast to the bride and groom here are some things to consider:

Toast etiquette – When giving a toast there is some etiquette involved as to not make anybody uncomfortable when giving a toast. One thing that should never be mentioned when giving a toast is past boyfriends or girlfriends of the bride or groom.

You are there to celebrate the future and by bringing up the past it does not focus on the future lives of the bride and groom. The toast should be tasteful and elicit memories of good times and good memories from times back from whoever is giving the toast. Make sure to make it tasteful when raising your glass because you want the attention to be on the newly married couple not on you for giving a bad toast

Language – Depending on the crowd involved the language of the toast should be considered as well. If there are children in the audience you should not start some profanity filled toast that could be funny but offend some people. Keep it clean if there are members of the audience that may be offended.

If it is an easy going crowd and that is the norm than let it fly, as toasts can be the highlight of a wedding. This also goes along with off color humor and jokes, as the crowd has to be taken into account before letting humor like that fly.

Timing – If you are not scheduled to make a toast but want to show your appreciation and good wishes to the bride and groom than make sure the timing is right. Make it so there is a pause between certain aspects of the wedding such as the first dance and the food being served. You want to make it so that there is adequate time to say the toast and for everyone to raise a glass and enjoy it. If it is not at an opportune time it can make for an uncomfortable situation.

If someone is giving a toast, you must make sure that you are giving your undivided attention. Also do not interrupt a toast to make a funny remark especially if it is by the father of the bride. Let others show their appreciation to the newly wedded couple.

For the most part any time during a wedding is a time to make a toast. But there is some etiquette involved and there are some right times and wrong times to make a toast. Showing your appreciation and well wishes to the newlyweds is part of a wedding, but there is a time and place for everything, as it should be done in good taste as well.