Common Wedding Traditions

wedding tradition

A tradition is usually something passed on to each generation in a family, and may consist of beliefs, customs, thoughts or just basic information. On your special day, this could involve many aspects of your celebration, such as your vows, the music, the dances, specific rituals, rings, giving thanks, readings, toasts, and speeches. Some traditions are taken very seriously because they are a symbol of love and happiness, or of becoming one flesh.

When two people get married, there can be a challenge in bringing two different cultures together, with each bringing in family traditions. You may wonder how to combine the two when organizing the wedding and reception of your dreams.
The key is that this is “your” day as a new couple.

It is not wholly based on the dreams or ideas your family may have in mind for you. It all comes down to the decisions that you and your fiancé make together. You want everything to run smoothly, so you may compromise by adding in traditions from both families. Including mix of customs may be a good thing for you. As you come together in marriage, you have the opportunity to start your own family traditions as a couple.

Some traditions involve the vows. There are religious choices that could be included, as well as civil, and ethical feelings, or you may choose to write your own vows. All of these need to be considered as you think of what has sculpted your personality and way of life. Incorporate these into your wedding and reception. The basic proceedings of the wedding start with the bride and groom entering the hall or church (or the venue of your choice), with music playing.

The ceremony ends with a recessional, or you leaving as a married couple. Remember, not everyone agrees with this structure, because they have been raised with different traditions. You may have to take into consideration the fact that your mate grew up differently, with a different belief structure than you have. If this is the case, it may change the view of how things are organized for your special day.

The key to making this occasion unique and about you as a couple, is to make your day stand out and combine your backgrounds into harmony with these things. Realistically, you are not going to make everyone happy. If you do try to compromise, do your best to incorporate the feelings of your families, but still make it your decision.

Ask parents, grandparents and other relatives for any ideas they may have as to traditional dances, or customs surrounding music and vows. They will realize you are concerned about incorporating your family’s traditions and that you are proud of your background.