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Annabel and Adrian’s wedding is one that is very close to my heart. I was fortunate enough to provide the stationery for this wedding and the moment I met Annabel, I knew we were going to get on well. She like me, has a strong Cornish connection, but now lives in Nottingham. Also it was immediately obvious that here was a bride with exceedingly good taste. Their wedding took place at the Carriage Hall in Plumtree, Nottinghamshire last Summer and their beautiful wedding photos were snapped by the fabulous Jack at Firsthand Photography.

bride and groom at the Carriage Hall

Annabel and Adrian’s Carriage Hall Wedding

groom in plumtree

bride at the Carriage hall

bride and groom at the carriage hall

The Carriage Hall was a great choice of venue for their son, Eddie, who’s very keen on Thomas the Tank Engine.

children at weddings

wedding horseshoe

newlyweds in Nottingham

reception table at plumtree

white wedding cake

white wedding cupcakes

The blue hydrangeas and pebbles with chalked numbers on the tables were a lovely Cornish touch. Adrian’s band The 39 Steps played at the reception.

speeches at the carriage hall

Wishing Annabel and Adrian all the very best for their future. You can see more of my real weddings here x



Jonny is a world champion sailor and was in Looe for the UK championships. Lorraine, his bride and also a sailor tells the couple’s exquisitely romantic story. Lorraine and Jonny got married in Looe in August 2014 at the Guildhall, followed by a reception at the Trevhaven Manor Hotel. It was a small, very beautiful wedding, with a photo shoot around Looe after the ceremony.  The photos were taken by the always fabulous Alchemy Photography.

looe wedding couple

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Wedding rebellion is in the air! Couples are opting out of regimented weddings with bows, lace and all the traditional trimmings. Instead, they’re doing it their own way. Forget “personalisation”, your guest’s names on chocolate bars and the like. That’s sooo 2014. The individuality forecast for this year is off the scale and set to shock. The skirts and shoulders are coming off (they’re literally detachable), while the V-necks are plunging. 2015 wedding trends dictate that brides are getting sexier and some of the trash the dress parties, are now so flamboyantly raucous, that when you look back at the wedding photos, the drama of dress-trashing is eclipsing the wedding day itself.

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Why would you be crying on your wedding day, you might be wondering. “I’ve been assured that it will be the happiest day of my life!” Let me explain, those tears will be tears of happiness! They’ll make their first appearance the second you make your big dramatic entrance and start everybody else off . Tears, coughing and vomit. It only takes one person to produce them, before everybody’s in a state. So what to do? Even if you’re the prettiest girl in the world, there’s still a good chance that you’ve forked out several hundred quid getting your face to appear with an unblemished complexion, so that slap needs to be saved. Here is my 2 step face-recovery procedure:

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3 January 2015

Introducing Trudie

sara avatartrudie denholm

Happy new year! 2015 is going to be BIG!! In fact, it’s only the third day of the year and already it’s bigger than I can handle, which is why I am handing over the reins of this blog to my brand new blog writer, Trudie Denholm, for a couple of weeks.

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