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Today I have two very important pieces of news for you. Firstly, look! look! It’s a new online wedding shop! (see below) But it’s not like any of the other boring online wedding shops. This one is the place to be, where it’s at and possibly the hippest place on the internet (for couples getting married obviously!) Prepare to be amazed, prepare to be astounded, this is the wedding shop to end all other wedding shops! Well, not end…that would terrible. Let’s just say, this is a wedding shop that will compete heavily with other wedding shops da da da daaaaaa. Do you want to see it? Do you? Do you? Well before you do, I have another piece of news (I know! What an incredible day – and this blog has gone so long without a new post too, I know!) And that news is that I am bringing back my other shop too, revamped and ready for action. What does the first shop sell? Off the peg stationery! It’s a brand new range. What does the second shop sell? Why absolutely anything and everything you might need for your wedding and at a completely bargain price! That’s all! (You have guessed correctly – I’ve been busy!) 2 shops. That’s right. 2 shops. Between them, you can get everything you need. Awesome stuff, eh? I’ve gone retail-bananas. Please have a look at each of them at let me know what you think!!

Click on the wedding shop you want to see to view the goodies!

wedding shop wedding shop

Ok, time for a little disclaimer. They’re both up and running. You can buy stuff from them. They’ve got all lovely weddingy products in stock. The payment secure etc. I’m using well-known payment platforms (I’ve not cobbled my own together, with some sort creaking DIY credit card system) Payment you don’t need to worry about. What they are lacking however is a little TLC. I’ve been running around like a headless chicken, trying to get them up and running and although I know I should have waited until they were perfect to open them, I can’t! I’m far too excited and I want you to see them now. There are a few products without descriptions. (I’m working on them today – if you’re having a boring day at the office, think of me, coming up with 5 million product descriptions, all completely unique. It’s an invitation. It’s A6 size. I’ll print your words in it. What else is there to say? ) I may be certifiable by the end of the day, muttering about envelopes being included and shipping lead times, but just ignore me. Buy some good stuff and give me some feedback, if you fancy. Don’t forget I still do bespoke stationery and chair covers (although chair covers, I reserve for the good people of the East Midlands – as I struggle to get the price down outside of that area. Call me if you don’t mind footing the petrol bill tho!)

Same sex marriage is finally legal from tomorrow: 29th March 2014!

same sex marriage

Tregenna Castle is the beautiful Cornish wedding venue that Katie and Ant chose in which to tie the knot. Their big day took place on the 8th September last year and the weather was kind enough to allow the ceremony to take place outside, in the venue’s gardens. The brilliant photographer was one of Cornwall’s best, David at Alchemy Photography. Today on the blog, not only do I have the couple’s stunning wedding photos, but also the story of the wedding proposal in the bride’s own words…

tregenna castle outdoors wedding

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Quirky wedding invitations are what will make your wedding stand out from the crowd. Did you know that most people see the invite as a clue to how you will be conducting your wedding. Actually, you probably are aware of this fact, because they mention it in every single episode of Don’t Tell the Bride! If you provide your guests with something generic, they could be forgiven for thinking that your wedding will be unoriginal. If you send out quirky wedding invitations then you automatically up the expectation stakes. It’s a great way to step up the anticipation for your big day! I am going to launch a new range in the next few days, but today I’d thought I’d give you a sneak preview of just a few designs. I’d love to hear your feedback, ideas and suggestions about anything else you’d like to see included. I’m all about simplicity at the moment, by the way. So many designers are doing swirly-whirly fussy designs, that it’s getting boring. I’m all about offering something a bit different!

New quirky wedding invitations

quirky wedding invitations featuring cats

These obviously make for great quirky wedding invitations for cat lovers. (Probably not a good idea to buy them if you’re not too keen on our feline friends, unless you’re being ironic in some way) They can be fully personalised with your names on the front (although great news if you are Alice and Jack too!) and I will print the wedding invitation text  of your choice inside too.

quirky wedding invitations with a red flower border

Perhaps you’re having a red-themed wedding and you’d like stationery to match! Again I can change the names and the general invite wording

quirky wedding invitations featuring a tea party

This is an updated version of one of my popular designs. It’s an oldie but a goodie, pared down to get the simple effect.

So anyway, there we go. I’m not going to launch the whole range here and now. (Also wedding season seems to be kicking off early this year and I have a lot of orders going on at the moment – need a bit more time in my day!) But should you wish to grab one of these designs for your own stationery, please email me at They’re A6 in size and include envelopes. They’re only £1 each! What a bargain. Even better, I can offer orders of service, place cards, thank you cards and save the dates to match, all at similarly competitive prices x

The Priest House is a gorgeous hotel in Derbyshire located right next to the River Trent. It’s a brilliantly romantic setting and the venue at which Pete and Annette tied the knot last Summer. Their big day was a beauty, filled with sunshine and glorious sunsets. Following my publishing of their engagement shoot pictures a couple of weeks ago, I now have their wedding photos to inspire you.

bride and groom at the Priest house

Images and wording from their photographer, the awesome Yvonne Lishman!

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