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The wedding wine you choose should compliment the food you and your guests will be eating on your big day. Personal tastes are obviously a factor in your decision, as is price, but for those of you really don’t know where to start, I thought I’d post this guide. It highlights wine which has been recommended by the Roberson Wine experts and gives you an idea of the types of food it can be paired with. A bit of wine knowledge never goes amiss, especially when you’ve got a lot of people to impress! (You don’t want them thinking “Oh my, I’d never have put a full-bodied red with sushi!!”) So drink and be merry on your wedding day, but do it in style!

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Do you really need to apply for a wedding loan to pull off a beautiful wedding? The answer could be no. Without a doubt, planning for your upcoming wedding is the most exciting time in anyone’s life. However, this excitement may dim a little when you look at your finances and realise that you’re in need of some budget-friendly tips to cut back on the costs to save some cash. After all, your wedding is just the start of your married life. More than ever, it is important that you start your life as a couple not financially burdened with debt.

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Here are 7 cost-cutting, proven ideas to pull off a budget-friendly, but beautiful wedding:

  1. Host at Home

Throwing a wedding party at the fanciest hotel might be a trend in your area, but it is growing in popularity. Getting married in your family home can be a beautiful and more intimate way to celebrate your union as a couple. Bringing together both families and your friends in this personal environment is casual, friendly and welcoming. Many couples choose to be married in a house of worship. This way, you can still have the ceremony where you want and invite guests back to your house for the wedding banquet.

  1. Do-It-Yourself Projects

Invitations, napkins, place cards, ceremony programs and the likes are all little details that many couples want to include, but they can actually end up costing you quite a bit of money. Visit your local craft shop not only to gain inspiration, but also to check out DIY kits. When you opt to make some of these fun features yourself, you save a lot on having to spend money to hire a professional to do it. This is where Pinterest comes into its own. And where you’ll waste days, even weeks of time browsing for ideas.

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Choosing a wedding ring goes far beyond buying a sentimental piece of jewellery. Not only does it consecrate a union of commitment and love, it also serves as a symbolic reminder that will sit with you for a lifetime. With such a joyous occasion ahead, founder of, Vashi Dominguez has put together a guide of five important things to consider when choosing the right wedding ring for you.

* Style

* Engagement Ring vs Wedding Band

* Matching Rings

* Shape


Vashi’s top FIVE tips to choosing the right wedding ring for you

1. Style

Style is down to individual taste and there is no wrong or right way to encapsulate this in your wedding ring. With that in mind, consider styles that you think you will love over time, especially if you think your taste is likely to evolve and change. Diamond encrusted rings, gemstones or plain wedding bands are definitely ones to consider especially when deciding between a more traditional or trend-led wedding ring. It’s important to do your research and once you’ve narrowed it down, you can shop for the best quality ring and style that will have you delighted for years to come.

Singer Alicia Keys sealed her vows with a stylish three tiered canary and white diamond wedding band in platinum. Away from the traditional plain wedding band, Alicia has encapsulated the presence of her dazzling 7 carat canary diamond engagement ring into an elegant and classy wedding band that can stand on its own.

wedding ring with diamonds and sapphires

Diamond and Blue Sapphire Wedding Ring – £799

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We absolutely love modern wedding receptions! One of the best things about wedding receptions today, is that there truly are no limits when it comes to fun and creativity. Today, anything goes –modern couples are looking for ways to inject personality into their big day and are creating receptions that are fun, exciting, and truly memorable.

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Wedding receptions are becoming more and more unique and elaborate –and guests are loving every minute of it! Turning your favorite foods into hors d’oeuvre and serving them up as midnight delicacies? No problem! Adding a modern and unexpected twist to the traditional “first dance?” Great idea! Want to hire a donut cart and serve freshly baked goods at the end of your big day? This one will certainly be well received by your guests!

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Buying bridesmaid dresses online is the perfect solution for couples whose bridesmaids live far away. (This is so often the case these days!) For example,  Susie was your best friend at school and you’ve always known that she would have a special role at your wedding, even though she now lives several hours away. If this situation sounds familiar, then perusing the vast amount of choice on the internet might be a great option. You can even do it together if you use Skype or Facetime. Let’s say you want to review designer bridesmaid dresses. Firstly pour yourself a glass of wine (optional) turn your smartphone towards the computer screen so Susie can see, and have a look at what’s available. Susie knows what colours and styles suit her and most dresses online will provide more than measurements and fitting guidelines, than you actually need, so you should be able to choose a design that you’re both happy with.

dresses online for bridesmaids

Tips for buying dresses online

When you place your order, make sure that you put Susie’s address as the delivery address. This will save you sorting out the postage at your end. When it arrives, she will be able to model it for you via your video messaging service (what did we do without Skype??) and if it’s the wrong size, you’ll probably be able to return the dress and exchange it for a new size within 14 days. Make sure Susie knows to keep the tags on until she’s sure that the dress is not being returned. Shopping online is fun. You’re more likely to find the perfect bridesmaid dress this way, than restricting yourself to the shops in the high street!

Have a good time shopping for dresses online with your Susie! x

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